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Author of Koliberi Original is Davor Petrak, an artist from picturesque Pregrada.


How did you come up with the name? 

The name was created in the way we translated the word hummingbird to our local dialect and afterwards we gave that name to our product.

Koliberi bench presents colours and motives of tiny animals and bugs that we often don’t even notice arround us.

Why exactly a hummingbird? 

That little bird rambles arround from one flower to another and stops where it likes the most. When flying, hummingbird retracts its legs and that’s how Koliberi folds its legs and looks for another spot.

About Koliberi Original design 

It was imagined as absolutely simple, easy to carry and that it doesn’t take much space. When not in use, Koliberi is easy to be put aside or you can simply hang it up on a hanger.

The back of Koliberi can be used as a little table, big enough to put a book, a magazine, laptop or maybe a drink on it.

What does Koliberi like and what it doesn’t like? 

It doesn’t like strong sun because it is made of natural wood, it doesn’t like water even though it can swim. What Koliberi likes the most is to fly on a nice weather and stop where you can have the most beautiful view.


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