Koliberi Original bench crowdfunding campaign

Have you ever thought about being involved in some project from the beginning? Here is your chance!
Join us on crowdfunding campaign “Koliberi original“ at Indiegogo.
The goal of the campaign is fund raising for the production  and getting to the market, as well as spreading an awarnes of our product.

Koliberi is a foldable little bench painted with vivid colours, usually with motifs from nature (ladybugs, salamanders, flowers, etc.)
Special feature of this bench is that there is a surface in front of us on wich we can put some item or work something on it.
With its shape, motifs and colours, it fits nicely in interiors and gives them a special visual note.
When not in use, you can bear it folded against the wall, hang it on a hanger, carry it with you , etc.

koliberi wooden bench crowdfunding


















The goal of this project is to present a model „from the idea to the market positioning“ thereby following ethical principles,
as well as spreading the awarness of importancy of nature protection.
We plan to make avalible all the acquirements and experiences  to everyone , primarily to the friends of this project.
Of course, we also want to hear your opinions, advices and sugestions, and stay in contact with you. There are also many prizes, so called „Perks“.

Learn more about crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding represents an alternative acces to funds for a various types of projects trough a specialized web site.
It is popular wordwide and it’s increasing in Croatia.
INDIEGOGO, a platform where we run this project, offers a possibility of prize creating (perks) for the project supporters (backers).

You can participate in a way that you choose a „perk“ i.e. a prize or product.
After that, follow the instructions „Get this perk“.
There is a more detail description by every category of „perks“.

We have prepared an extensive range of prizes for you – check it out!

Some prizes or products are available only in limited quantitles. „Perks“ are ideal to cheer somebody up!
Surely we invite you to visit our campaign on Indiegogo or via Facebook no matter whether you participate or not, and learn more about us and about crowdfunding.
Learn more, participate, like us (if you like it), comment, suggest… we are listening to you!
We need your participation and support…  Spread the joy!

Your „KOLIBERI original“ team 🙂