Koliberi Original

Koliberi Original are a handmade and designed little benches, coloured and painted with motives of a tiny animals and bugs that we usually meet in nature.

Whether it's about a modern or a a traditionaly designed home, Koliberi Original with its unique design and colours suits perfectly in any interior giving it a special visual note.

Thanks to its small dimensions Koliberi is easy to move from one spot to another, just like a little hummingbird moves from a flower to flower.Koliberi often changes it's spot location and always brings freshness and joy with it.

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Koliberi Original bench crowdfunding campaign

Have you ever thought about being involved in some project from the beginning? Here is your chance! Join us on crowdfunding campaign “Koliberi original“ at Indiegogo. The goal of the campaign is fund raising for the production  and getting to […]

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